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Note for Windows Server 2022 Essentials
In Windows Server 2022, the Essentials edition is now also limited by its CPU cores. An Essentials edition may now only be installed on systems that contain a CPU socket and have a maximum of 10 physical CPU cores. Furthermore, from a technical point of view, the Essentials edition is no longer different from the Standard edition, it is only limited in a few points from a licensing point of view. If your system has more than one CPU or more than 10 CPU cores, you will have to purchase the Standard edition.

Windows Server 2022 Essentials – the server operating system for small businesses

With the Windows Server 2022 Essentials license, you get a special version of the server operating system that is aimed at small organizations and companies with up to 25 employees. Users can use up to 50 endpoints to access a server, giving them maximum flexibility. When you buy Windows Server 2022 Essentials, you get a convenient and easy-to-use server operating system that allows multiple users to share applications, data and services. Neither an in-house IT department nor extensive computer science knowledge is required to manage individual rights and resources via the Windows Admin Center. Of course, as with the larger Standard and Datacenter editions, the most important server roles are fully available. These include the AD Rights Management Services, the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), the AD Lightweight Directory Services, DNS servers and DHCP servers. However, unlike the other Windows Server 2022 editions, you don’t need separate access licenses (CALs). For this reason, the Windows Server 2022 Essentials license is also the most cost-effective solution for small businesses.

Windows Server 2022 Essentials – the improvements and new features

The new Windows Server 2022 server operating system builds on the strengths of Windows Server 2019 and adds numerous features that take team collaboration to a new level. The introduction of Microsoft Edge instead of Internet Explorer is only a small aspect compared to the other Windows 2022 innovations. Especially in terms of security, the Windows Server 2022 Essentials product key comes with a host of optimizations. Multi-layered security features ensure that your data is comprehensively protected from unauthorized access by third parties. When you buy Windows Server 2022 Essentials cheap from our store, AES-256 GCM/CCM encryption for SMB, DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) support, and the Transport Layer Security (TLS) security protocol enabled by default provide a significant security boost. The UDP and TCP performance enhancements provide increased performance and make Windows Server 2022 one of the fastest server operating systems. Of course, the latest hardware components are fully supported.

Buy Windows Server 2022 Essentials online and administer it easily

As a server operating system, Windows Server 2022 is designed for convenient administration of users and resources. Among them, the user management service Active Directory is an important component that can give a server the function of a domain controller. The domain controller handles all user account authentication. As a result, users log in using credentials stored on the server rather than those stored on an individual machine. If you purchase Windows Server 2022 Essentials, you can use Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to automatically assign an IP address to all endpoints on the network. Without DHCP, IP addresses would have to be assigned manually, which would take a considerable amount of time. If you purchase Windows Server 2022 Essentials, you can set up a print server in just a few steps. Such a server comes with a variety of benefits. Instead of wiring a printer to several computers in a complicated way, you can provide the printing functions centrally via the server. The printers can then be easily assigned to different computers. With the Windows Server 2022 Essentials license, you’ll be ready for a wide range of business tasks.

System requirements:

  • 1.4 GHz processor with 64 bit
  • Compatible with x64 instruction set
  • Supports NX and DEP
  • Supports CMPXCHG16b, LAHF/SAHF and PrefetchW
  • Supports SLAT (Second-Level Address Translation) (EPT or NPT)
  • 512 MB (2 GB for servers with the desktop display installation option)
  • ECC (Error Correcting Code) type or similar technology, for physical host deployments




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