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The latest server edition from Microsoft is based on Windows 10 and comes with numerous enhancements around virtualization, cloud services, network security and Linux server integration. Thus, a Windows Server 2019 Standard is aimed at medium and larger enterprises, data centers and Internet providers. Especially companies with mixed server operating systems will enjoy extensive extensions and possibilities here. If you want to buy a Windows Server 2019 through our store, be sure to check the necessary hardware equipment. This is especially true if you plan to use all available server services and tools. The server software is available as a download, you will receive the link to it immediately after purchase.

Benefits for the user

Server 2019 offers users the installation of virtual environments with Hyper-V, the integration of Linux server distributions, cloud applications via Azure and advanced remote desktop services. Microsoft thus packs all the possibilities into one server, where users can access all services and applications at any time, both offline and online. Here, only the hardware used represents the limit of what is possible. Through our store you can buy the latest server version cheaply and immediately.

The most important new features at a glance:

  • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (an Azure service to defend against malware)
  • enhanced Remote Desktop Services
  • Storage Spaces Direct (comprehensive tools for managing disk space)
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN)
  • maximum 24 TB RAM
  • Windows Admin Center as a browser-based app
  • Enhancements for shielded virtual computers
  • Storage migration service
  • Linux containers on Windows

Buying Windows Server 2019 software: who is it for?

Microsoft is not targeting small businesses with the 2019 Standard server edition. The focus is on data exchange between internal and external data and applications, as found in cloud services and applications. In addition, there is the cooperation between Windows and Linux in the context of virtualization, even if only a limited number of VMs are allowed. Due to the expansion of hardware, after all up to 24 TB RAM and large hard disk clusters are possible, extensive databases and file inventories can be found on the server machines. In the context of cloud applications, a deployment in a data center or via an Internet provider is possible. However, small companies have a server operating system with Windows Server 2019 Essentials, which is tailored to small IT networks. In addition, licensing is not an issue here.

Activation of the software with product key and licensing of the server edition

You can buy a Windows Server 2019 from us at a low price and basically immediately with a product key. This key is entered promptly during or after installation and checked online. With a product key, you buy an original software and the server system is fully available. The situation is different with the server license. Here Microsoft has designed its license model very complex. The license model distinguishes between user access and device access and the number of physical processors. Client Access License (CALS) are required for each access. Although these licenses can be purchased cheaply, the decisive factor is the required number of CALS. Therefore Microsoft offers a volume license agreement with Open License. Please contact us if you have any questions about licensing.

Support and Updates

For the update management of server machines and clients the WSUS (Windows Server Update Service) has to be installed. This service is offered via the Server Manager as a role-based installation. The settings to be made then are very extensive and at this point reference is made to the documentation. Furthermore, not every update and support tool is delivered in the current server version. These additions are delivered via a download.

System requirements for Microsoft Server 2019 Standard

Processor: 1.4 GHz 64-bit EMT64 or AMD64, quad-core recommended
Memory: 512 MB ECC supported memory modules and 800 MB for VM installations
Hard disk: for the core 32 GB, for the GUI additional 4 GB
Disk Controller: PCI Express Compliant Disk Controller




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97 reviews for Windows Server 2019 Standard

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    Tout est OK. Je le recommande.

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    Instalacja przebiegła bez problemu.

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    De installatie verliep probleemloos.

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    Nach Erhalt des Schlüssels erfolgte die Aktivierung beim dritten Versuch. Ich weiß nicht warum, aber es hat funktioniert und funktioniert.

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    Alles snel, efficiënt en werkt, ik raad het aan.

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    Ohne Probleme.

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    Tout s’est déroulé super bien, note 6.

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    Po otrzymaniu klucza aktywacja nastąpiła po trzeciej próbie. Nie wiem dlaczego tak, ale poszło i działa.

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    L’installation s’est déroulée sans problème.

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    Błyskawiczna realizacja zamówienia. Żadnych problemów z aktywacją przy pomocy przesłanego klucza.

  17. Amelie Fischer (verified owner)

    Tout rapide, efficace et fonctionne, je le recommande.

  18. Roberto Romano (verified owner)

    Klucz do Windowsa 11 Pro przyszedł szybko i bez problemów, pierwszy klucz aktywował Windowsa 10 Pro, a drugi go ulepszył do 11. Tanio i szybko. Polecam!

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    Funktioniert wie es soll.

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    Rapide, clairement expliqué, avec une facture.

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    Schnell, klar erklärt, mit Rechnung.

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    Rapide, efficace, super.

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    Generally, after making the transfer, I received the key almost immediately. The key also works 🙂

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    Polecam. Brak problemów, przesyłka błyskawiczna.

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    Solide, snelle levering en professionele service.

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    Schnell und problemlos. Der Code wurde sofort nach der Zahlung erhalten.

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    Instant key delivery. The key works. This is already another hassle-free purchase. I RECOMMEND.

  40. Mario Rossi (verified owner)

    Zwei gekauft: Windows 11 Pro und Office 2019. Beide funktionieren, Aktivierung erfolgreich bei sauberer Installation. Also alles ist OK.

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    L’e-mail avec le code est arrivé immédiatement.

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    Wszystko ok.

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    Livraison immédiate de la clé. La clé fonctionne. C’est déjà un autre achat sans tracas. JE RECOMMANDE.

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    Ik raad het aan 100% 😀.

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    Tout fonctionne comme décrit dans l’offre!!! Je recommande!!! J’utiliserai volontiers encore!!

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    Installation went without a problem.

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