Windows 11 Pro

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Microsoft Windows 11 Pro – the feature-rich operating system

Microsoft Windows 11 Pro is primarily aimed at demanding users, freelancers, the self-employed, companies and other organizations that want to benefit from numerous additional features compared to the Home edition. When you buy Windows 11 Pro, you also get Windows Information Protection (WIP) and BitLocker device encryption. Other Windows 11 Pro features include support for Azure Active Directory, Hyper-V visualization technology, mobile device management, Windows Update for Business, advanced remote desktop capabilities and Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG). With the new operating system, Microsoft builds on the strengths of Windows 10 and adds improvements as well as innovations that allow you to work even more effectively. After downloading Windows 11, you are only a few steps away from using a modern and user-friendly operating system.

The Windows 11 Pro innovations at a glance

Compared to the previous version, you can expect numerous new features that stand out both when working and playing. The comprehensive multi-window support is characterized by convincing advantages, especially in the working world. The operating system remembers the individual window positions and restores the arrangement after the connection to a previously disconnected screen has been restored. Among others, corporate employees who have to switch between office and meeting room with their laptop relatively often benefit from this feature. If you buy Windows 11 Pro, you are well equipped for a wide range of corporate tasks. However, the operating system also knows how to convince in the private sector. Microsoft uses the experience with the Xbox and takes the PC to a new level as the dominant gaming platform. The DirectStorage API can load game data directly into the graphics card’s memory and increases performance in this way. The Windows 11 Pro license comes with the new Auto HDR feature, which upscales games created with DirectX 11 or higher to the much more vivid HDR standard. The result is deeper contrasts, richer colors, and a wider color palette.

Buy Windows 11 Pro and benefit from a comprehensive edition

Compared to the Home edition, the Windows 11 Key provides you with numerous additional features. The support of virtualization features should be highlighted as a special feature. Windows 11 Pro supports Hyper-V and Windows Sandbox. Windows Sandbox is a feature to run untrusted applications in a lean isolated environment that runs independently from your main installation. Technically, Windows Sandbox is a virtual machine created on-demand with Microsoft ‘s hypervisor that uses the same operating system image as the one on your computer. While Windows 11 Home allows the computer to be used as a remote desktop client, Windows 11 Pro allows the additional use as a host. If you buy Windows 11 Pro, you’ll benefit from additional security features that are especially useful when processing business data. These include, among other things, support for BitLocker encryption. The goal of BitLocker is to protect computers and drives from data breaches and intruders. It encrypts your entire drive and provides a high level of security with the TPM module. Windows Information Protection (WIP) should be mentioned as another Windows 11 Pro feature. WIP policies prevent users from sharing company-specific information with third parties if needed. In addition, personal and business data can be separated on a device. After a loss or theft of the end device, there is the option to remotely wipe the business data with just a few steps.

System requirements:

1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with at least two cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or system on a chip (SoC).

at least 4 gigabytes (GB)

Disk space:
At least 64 GB* of available disk space is required to install Windows 11.
(Additional memory may be required to download updates and enable certain features)

Graphics card:
compatible with DirectX 12 or later, with a WDDM 2.0 driver

Display device:
high-definition display device (720p), monitor 9 inches or larger, 8 bits per color channel

Internet connection:
Internet connection is required to perform updates and download and use some features.




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77 reviews

77 reviews for Windows 11 Pro

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  1. Isabella Weber (verified owner)

    Everything is fine. I recommend it.

  2. Nico Weber (verified owner)


  3. Anna Berger (verified owner)

    Order processing went smoothly. And the package installation without any failures. I am satisfied. I can recommend it to others.

  4. Veronika Nowak (verified owner)

    Polecam. Brak problemów, przesyłka błyskawiczna.

  5. Linda Braun (verified owner)

    Szybko, solidnie, wszystko zgodnie z opisem.

  6. Greta Hoffmann (verified owner)

    Rapide et efficace, le système fonctionne, je le recommande.

  7. Hélène Laurent (verified owner)

    Solidna szybka dostawa fachowa obsługa.

  8. Klaus Bauer (verified owner)

    De Windows 11 Pro-sleutel kwam snel en zonder problemen aan, de eerste sleutel activeerde Windows 10 Pro, en de tweede upgrade naar 11. Goedkoop en snel. Ik raad het aan!

  9. Amelia Robinson (verified owner)

    Alles is goed.

  10. Carmen Garcia (verified owner)


  11. Valentin Schuster (verified owner)

    Le traitement de la commande s’est bien passé. Et l’installation du package sans aucun échec. Je suis satisfait. Je peux le recommander à d’autres.

  12. Amelie Fischer (verified owner)

    L’installation s’est déroulée sans problème.

  13. Angelina Ivanova (verified owner)

    Alles is geweldig. Ik raad het aan.

  14. Viktor Sokolov (verified owner)

    Fast, clearly explained, with an invoice.

  15. Lisa Maier (verified owner)

    Alles zoals beschreven.

  16. Wendy Schmidt (verified owner)

    Ik raad het aan, snelle service en verwerking.

  17. Ibrahim Aksoy (verified owner)

    Tout est OK. Je le recommande.

  18. Marina Petrova (verified owner)

    Purchase and processing went very smoothly. The key was bought on a non-working day, and I waited 10 minutes for it. Everything works. I recommend it.

  19. Maria Fernandez (verified owner)

    Alles werkt, ik ben tevreden met de service en het product!

  20. Mina Bauer (verified owner)

    Purchased two: Windows 11 Pro and Office 2019. Both work, activation successful with a clean installation. So everything is OK.

  21. Vanessa Weber (verified owner)

    Rapide, peu coûteux et sans tracas.

  22. Violeta Petrova (verified owner)

    Realizacja zamówienia przebiegła pomyślnie. A instalacja pakietu bez jakichkolwiek niepowodzeń. Jestem zadowolona. Mogę polecić innym.

  23. Niklas Müller (verified owner)

    Alles funktioniert wie es soll, ich empfehle es.

  24. Ilona Nowak (verified owner)

    Ich empfehle es.

  25. Maya Bauer (verified owner)

    Alles is goed, de sleutel werkt.

  26. Anja Madsen (verified owner)

    Fonctionne comme il se doit.

  27. Claudia Russo (verified owner)

    Tout rapide, efficace et fonctionne, je le recommande.

  28. Oscar Schmidt (verified owner)

    Ich empfehle 100% 😀.

  29. Theresa Fischer (verified owner)

    Solide, snelle levering en professionele service.

  30. Lucie Dupont (verified owner)

    Alles verliep heel soepel, ik kreeg de sleutels binnen een paar minuten.

  31. Fabian Schuster (verified owner)


  32. Karl Johansson (verified owner)

    Werkt zoals het hoort.

  33. Jasmine Müller (verified owner)


  34. Samuel Martin (verified owner)

    Super, wszystko bangla.

  35. Matilda Fischer (verified owner)

    Funktioniert wie es soll.

  36. Stefano Ricci (verified owner)

    Alles funktioniert wie im Angebot beschrieben!!! Ich empfehle es!!! Ich werde es gerne wieder verwenden!!

  37. Elena Greco (verified owner)

    Installation went without a problem.

  38. Anders Jensen (verified owner)

    Der Schlüssel für Windows 11 Pro kam schnell und ohne Probleme, der erste Schlüssel aktivierte Windows 10 Pro und der zweite aktualisierte es auf 11. Günstig und schnell. Ich empfehle es!

  39. George Davies (verified owner)

    Alles is OK. Ik raad het aan.

  40. Olivia Weber (verified owner)


  41. Pieter De Vries (verified owner)

    Der Schlüssel wurde in ein paar Minuten erhalten.

  42. Magdalena Nowak (verified owner)

    Szybka i sprawna realizacja, wszystko działa jak powinno.

  43. Stefan Braun (verified owner)

    Après avoir reçu la clé, l’activation a eu lieu à la troisième tentative. Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais cela a fonctionné et fonctionne.

  44. Jakob Fischer (verified owner)

    Livraison rapide et service professionnel.

  45. Caroline Bauer (verified owner)

    Bardzo dobre rozwiązanie.

  46. Nina Hoffmann (verified owner)

    Tout comme décrit.

  47. Felix Meyer (verified owner)

    Little information about the product.

  48. Hans Johansson (verified owner)

    Generally, after making the transfer, I received the key almost immediately. The key also works 🙂

  49. Ludwig Berger (verified owner)

    Szybko i bez problemów.

  50. Antonia Weber (verified owner)

    Rapide, efficace, avec toutes les informations nécessaires. Je le recommande.

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