Windows 11 N Enterprise

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Windows 11 N Enterprise is ideal for businesses

At first, Microsoft said that Windows 10 is the last operating system. There was talk that it would only be expanded or optimized. However, when the changes were very extensive, it finally became the current Windows 11 system. The user immediately notices the optical modifications. The desktop has a completely different appearance. Everything no longer looks as angular as in the previous versions. Another point that is immediately noticeable is the redesigned Start menu. In all previous versions of Windows, it was located at the bottom left. This is different in the new version. In Windows 11, it is located at the bottom in the center of the desktop. It also no longer pops out a long list when you hover your mouse over it. The apps appear more as folders that are divided into different groups. The start menu looks a bit like the Docker on Mac computers. But every user gets used to that pretty quickly.

What is so special about Windows 11 N Enterprise

This variant of the new operating system was developed especially for use in the commercial sector. It offers some advantages that are very important when working in a company. The developers placed a great emphasis on the area of collaboration and communication. In this area, Windows 11 N Enterprise has a lot to offer. For example, the Teams app, which is popular in many companies, is now part of the standard equipment. Not only messages can be exchanged with it. Video calls and chats are also possible. Teams is also very well suited for collaboration on various projects.

Windows 11 N Enterprise with high security

In any company, IT security plays a crucial role in its success. In Windows 11 N Enterprise, there are several features that contribute to increased security. These include good account management. The administrator can precisely define which permissions each employee gets. Furthermore, updates can be planned precisely. A distinction can be made between system updates, which serve security purposes, and purely functional updates. The administrator specifies the time periods in which they are to take place. This is extremely practical, because there are no longer any interruptions due to unscheduled updates during normal working hours with Windows 11 N Enterprise.




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Customer Reviews

74 reviews

74 reviews for Windows 11 N Enterprise

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  1. Maya Bauer (verified owner)

    Purchase and processing went very smoothly. The key was bought on a non-working day, and I waited 10 minutes for it. Everything works. I recommend it.

  2. Rene Müller (verified owner)

    After receiving the key, activation happened on the third attempt. I don’t know why, but it worked and works.

  3. Pieter De Vries (verified owner)

    Ça marche!

  4. Veronika Nowak (verified owner)

    Little information about the product.

  5. Rita Costa (verified owner)

    Alles ist in Ordnung, die Schlüssel funktionieren, ich bin zufrieden. Alle Gespräche per E-Mail, es ist nur schade, dass es keine polnische Telefonnummer gibt, da dies die Kommunikation erleichtern würde.

  6. Wendy Schmidt (verified owner)

    Traitement de commande ultra-rapide. Aucun problème avec l’activation en utilisant la clé fournie.

  7. Sarah Schneider (verified owner)

    Wszystko ok. Polecam.

  8. Tanja Bauer (verified owner)

    Fast and efficient processing, everything works as it should.

  9. Michelle Dupont (verified owner)

    Perfekt pünktlich ohne Probleme beim Erhalt des Produkts nach der Zahlung.

  10. Diana Fernandes (verified owner)

    Tout est bien, la clé fonctionne.

  11. Magdalena Nowak (verified owner)

    Tout va bien, les clés fonctionnent, je suis satisfait. Toutes les conversations par e-mail, c’est juste dommage qu’il n’y ait pas de numéro de téléphone polonais, car cela faciliterait la communication.

  12. Matteo Bianchi (verified owner)

    Działa bez zarzutu. Klucz przyszedł na nr telefonu do 5 min po zakupie.

  13. Andrea Conti (verified owner)

    Ich empfehle es. Keine Probleme, blitzschnelle Lieferung.

  14. Katarina Petrova (verified owner)

    Die Auftragsabwicklung verlief reibungslos. Und die Paketinstallation ohne jegliche Fehler. Ich bin zufrieden. Ich kann es anderen empfehlen.

  15. Anja Madsen (verified owner)


  16. Yulia Ivanova (verified owner)

    Le traitement de la commande s’est bien passé. Et l’installation du package sans aucun échec. Je suis satisfait. Je peux le recommander à d’autres.

  17. Guillaume Dubois (verified owner)

    Ik raad het aan 100% 😀.

  18. Hélène Laurent (verified owner)

    Tout s’est déroulé super bien, note 6.

  19. Luisa Müller (verified owner)

    Alles ist super.

  20. Bernadette Müller (verified owner)

    Schnell, effizient, problemlos 100%, ich empfehle es.

  21. Rosalie Weber (verified owner)

    Die E-Mail mit dem Code kam sofort.

  22. Gerard Lefevre (verified owner)

    Polecam, ekspresowa obsługa i realizacja.

  23. Kai Müller (verified owner)

    Alles ist in Ordnung.

  24. Valeria Costa (verified owner)

    Wszystko ok, klucz działa.

  25. Stina Lund (verified owner)

    Schnell, klar erklärt, mit Rechnung.

  26. Patricia Martin (verified owner)

    Rapide, clairement expliqué, avec une facture.

  27. Victoria Weber (verified owner)

    Wszystko ok.

  28. Jan Kowalski (verified owner)

    Tout est super. Je le recommande.

  29. Erik Lund (verified owner)

    Alles is geweldig.

  30. Mia Schneider (verified owner)

    De installatie verliep probleemloos.

  31. Omar El-Amin (verified owner)

    Eine sehr gute Lösung.

  32. Matilda Fischer (verified owner)

    Everything is fine.

  33. Mario Rossi (verified owner)

    Alles funktioniert perfekt.

  34. Laura Hoffmann (verified owner)

    Solide, snelle levering en professionele service.

  35. Sara Müller (verified owner)

    Fonctionne parfaitement. La clé a été envoyée à mon numéro de téléphone dans les 5 minutes suivant l’achat.

  36. Marie Schmidt (verified owner)

    Traitement rapide et efficace, tout fonctionne comme il se doit.

  37. Michael Schuster (verified owner)

    Bardzo dobre rozwiązanie.

  38. Jonas Wagner (verified owner)

    Alles verlief sehr reibungslos, ich habe die Schlüssel in ein paar Minuten bekommen.

  39. Martin Berger (verified owner)

    Ohne Probleme.

  40. George Davies (verified owner)

    Alles schnell, effizient und funktioniert, ich empfehle es.

  41. Pauline Dupont (verified owner)

    Tout fonctionne très bien. Merci! 🙂

  42. Karl Johansson (verified owner)

    Perfect op tijd zonder problemen het product ontvangen na betaling.

  43. Lorenzo Rossi (verified owner)

    Kupione dwa: Windows 11 Pro i Office 2019. Oba działają, aktywacja udana przy instalacji na czysto. Także wszystko jest OK.

  44. Lea Weber (verified owner)

    Ich empfehle 100% 😀.

  45. Stella Hoffmann (verified owner)

    Purchased two: Windows 11 Pro and Office 2019. Both work, activation successful with a clean installation. So everything is OK.

  46. Pjotr Ivanov (verified owner)

    I recommend 100% 😀.

  47. Aimee Dupont (verified owner)

    Alles wie beschrieben.

  48. Tarek El-Amin (verified owner)

    Snel en probleemloos. De code werd direct na betaling ontvangen.

  49. Jakob Fischer (verified owner)

    Everything as described.

  50. Enzo Rossi (verified owner)

    Great, everything works.

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