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Buy Windows 10 Pro Workstation and work with the next PC hardware generation

With Windows 10 Pro Workstation from Microsoft, the name says it all and the operating system is optimized for powerful workstations, which usually have multiple cores and significantly more memory. Especially for users with server-like hardware, the software platform is the guarantee for impressive work results. The workstation version offers support for RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) through SMD Direct. There is also support for the use of the so-called NVDIMM-N modules. These are memory modules that are based on non-volatile memories and offer significant speed advantages.

For processing masses of data: Buy Windows 10 Pro Workstation

Windows 10 was introduced in 2015 and has enjoyed high popularity since then. Even in its basic version, the operating system impresses with outstanding performance when multitasking. When you buy Windows 10 Pro Workstation, you get a version that supports 4 CPUs and 6 TB of RAM. The software platform can process considerable amounts of data effortlessly and without noticeable performance losses. Since fewer CPU cycles are required, more capacity is available to run multiple programs simultaneously. Workstations supports devices equipped with persistent memory. This memory can keep files available even after shutdown. Our store, similar to these files, is always available to you and allows you to take full advantage of it with one key. The software platform is available as a 32 or 64 bit version and can be purchased at a low price.

Buy Windows 10 Pro Workstation and save valuable time with SMB Direct

Support for RDMA-enabled network adapters in conjunction with SMB Direct minimizes the time required for file transfers between server and PC. Windows 10 Pro Workstation uses the full data throughput of high-speed networks. The latency of network requests is extremely low, so that the response behavior of the remote storage hardly differs from the access to the local storage. When you buy Windows 10 Pro Workstation, you get server-grade data protection. The key, which can be purchased online via our store, paves your way to the robust file system ReFS (Resilient File System). This file system from Microsoft in conjunction with Storage Spaces provides a heavy-duty storage solution for significant volumes of data and instantly detects as well as repairs corrupted data on all drives. Windows 10 Pro Workstation includes the work-saving voice assistant Cortana, which readily answers questions asked via voice and assists with various tasks. After downloading the software, the calendar can be maintained or facts as well as definitions can be asked verbally with the help of Cortana. Since the research is done online via Cortana, a gigantic information base can be accessed.

For efficient update management: buy Windows 10 Pro Workstation

Since the Windows updates are cumulative compared to the previous versions, an extremely efficient and time-saving update is possible. Instead of various individual updates, which often resulted in a few reboots, the latest patchday update is simply used. If you buy Windows 10 Pro Workstation, you get a dedicated task manager that not only shows the load of the individual applications, but also the respective GPU load. Furthermore, detailed information about the software’s power consumption can be viewed in more detail. The Workstation version contains countless business functions, which are available with the key after the download. These include group policy management, BitLocker, domain joining and remote desktop. These integrated productivity, security as well as management features let you save time and money and are available immediately after purchase.

Buy Windows 10 Pro Workstation and boost productivity

The integrated Bitlocker encryption technology allows secure encryption of internal and external drives and USB sticks. This eliminates the need for additional software. Full remote desktop support allows professional remote maintenance and location-independent access to the workstation. If you buy Windows 10 Pro Workstation via our store, you can customize the update behavior to a greater extent compared to other versions. Among other things, it can be decided whether and when available function updates as well as quality updates should actually be carried out. Even though you can buy the key cheaply via our store, the low price does not lead to any compromises in performance. You buy a full-featured version with all the strengths of the operating system.

System requirements for Windows 10 Pro for Workstation

1 GHz processing power or faster
1 GB RAM for 32-bit; 2 GB for 64-bit
Hard drive space:
Up to 20 GB available
Graphics card:
Screen resolution 800 x 600 or higher. DirectX 9 graphics processor with WDDM driver




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54 reviews

54 reviews for Windows 10 Pro for Workstation

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  1. Patricia Martin (verified owner)

    Alles wie beschrieben.

  2. Pedro Martins (verified owner)

    Funktioniert einwandfrei. Der Schlüssel wurde innerhalb von 5 Minuten nach dem Kauf an meine Telefonnummer gesendet.

  3. Martina Costa (verified owner)

    Snel en zonder problemen.

  4. Sarah Schneider (verified owner)

    Tout fonctionne parfaitement.

  5. Helga Schmidt (verified owner)

    The first key of two purchased. Fast and hassle-free. I recommend it.

  6. Dominic Weber (verified owner)

    Rapide et sans problèmes.

  7. Amelia Robinson (verified owner)

    Die Transaktion verlief sehr schnell, alles funktioniert wie es soll, ich bin zufrieden mit dem Kauf.

  8. Violeta Petrova (verified owner)


  9. Stina Lund (verified owner)

    Tout va bien, les clés fonctionnent, je suis satisfait. Toutes les conversations par e-mail, c’est juste dommage qu’il n’y ait pas de numéro de téléphone polonais, car cela faciliterait la communication.

  10. Beatrice Laurent (verified owner)

    Wszystko zgodne z opisem.

  11. Elisabeth Becker (verified owner)

    Je le recommande.

  12. Nico Weber (verified owner)

    Tout est super.

  13. Tatiana Petrova (verified owner)

    Parfaitement à l’heure sans aucun problème pour recevoir le produit après le paiement.

  14. Bernadette Müller (verified owner)

    Der erste Schlüssel von zwei gekauften. Schnell und problemlos. Ich empfehle es.

  15. Roman Sokolov (verified owner)

    Alles ist in Ordnung.

  16. Lara Schmidt (verified owner)

    Ça marche!

  17. Pierre Martin (verified owner)


  18. Rebecca Fischer (verified owner)

    Alles ist in Ordnung, die Schlüssel funktionieren, ich bin zufrieden. Alle Gespräche per E-Mail, es ist nur schade, dass es keine polnische Telefonnummer gibt, da dies die Kommunikation erleichtern würde.

  19. Bruno Pereira (verified owner)

    Alles verliep heel soepel, ik kreeg de sleutels binnen een paar minuten.

  20. Stefan Braun (verified owner)

    Transakcja przebiegła bardzo szybko, wszystko działa jak należy, jestem zadowolony z zakupu.

  21. Ruben de Jong (verified owner)

    Ik raad het aan. Geen problemen, razendsnelle levering.

  22. Julien Dubois (verified owner)

    Fast and efficient, the system works, I recommend it.

  23. Yulia Ivanova (verified owner)

    Alles ist in Ordnung. Ich empfehle es.

  24. Niklas Müller (verified owner)

    Alles ist in Ordnung und schnell.

  25. Eva Schmidt (verified owner)

    Snel, solide, alles zoals beschreven.

  26. Isabella Weber (verified owner)

    En général, après avoir effectué le transfert, j’ai reçu la clé presque immédiatement. La clé fonctionne aussi 🙂

  27. Pieter De Vries (verified owner)

    Everything is great. I recommend it.

  28. Gabriel Schneider (verified owner)

    Went super smoothly, rating 6.

  29. Isabelle Martin (verified owner)

    Tout comme décrit.

  30. Omar El-Amin (verified owner)

    De Windows 11 Pro-sleutel kwam snel en zonder problemen aan, de eerste sleutel activeerde Windows 10 Pro, en de tweede upgrade naar 11. Goedkoop en snel. Ik raad het aan!

  31. Caroline Bauer (verified owner)


  32. Petra Novak (verified owner)

    Ging super reibungslos, Bewertung 6.

  33. Bartosz Kowalski (verified owner)


  34. Kerstin Schmidt (verified owner)

    Alles is goed.

  35. Karl Johansson (verified owner)

    Schnell und ohne Probleme.

  36. Barbara Santos (verified owner)

    Little information about the product.

  37. Maria Fernandez (verified owner)


  38. Laurent Lefevre (verified owner)

    I recommend it. No problems, lightning-fast delivery.

  39. Elena Greco (verified owner)

    Rapide, efficace, avec toutes les informations nécessaires. Je le recommande.

  40. Olivia Weber (verified owner)

    Szybko i bezproblemowo. Kod otrzymany zaraz po opłaceniu.

  41. Emma Karlsson (verified owner)

    Super sprawnie poszło, ocena 6.

  42. Benjamin Schmidt (verified owner)

    Snel, duidelijk uitgelegd, met factuur.

  43. Ricardo Santos (verified owner)

    Tout s’est très bien passé, j’ai reçu les clés en quelques minutes.

  44. Noah Müller (verified owner)

    Szybko, sprawnie, bez problemów 100%, polecam.

  45. Dominika Kowalska (verified owner)

    Kupione dwa: Windows 11 Pro i Office 2019. Oba działają, aktywacja udana przy instalacji na czysto. Także wszystko jest OK.

  46. Jakob Fischer (verified owner)

    Alles zoals beschreven.

  47. Catherine Dubois (verified owner)

    Wszystko działa jak należy, polecam.

  48. Ludwig Berger (verified owner)


  49. Emil Johansson (verified owner)

    Traitement de commande ultra-rapide. Aucun problème avec l’activation en utilisant la clé fournie.

  50. Jens Pedersen (verified owner)

    Perfect op tijd zonder problemen het product ontvangen na betaling.

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