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Buy Windows 10 Home and install the ideal solution for the home computer

Microsoft Windows 10 Home is the optimal operating system for the home and is not only aimed at beginners, but also knows how to convince advanced users with its countless features. The user-friendly interface combined with high compatibility and comfort are among the operating system’s strengths. Windows 10 Home can not only be installed on desktop computers or notebooks, but can also be used on smartphones and tablet computers.

For a convincing performance: buy Windows 10 Home

Windows 10 was introduced in 2015 and has enjoyed high popularity ever since. The exceptional performance when switching between applications and the fast access to favorite programs are convincing. When you buy Windows 10 Home, you get a widely used operating system that is continuously supplied with countless programs for every problem. Besides professional manufacturers, private developers are also involved in the expansion of the software offer. The user can strongly individualize the interface and adapt it to his needs. Among other things, the practical tile system in the start menu can be customized. The operating system can find its use with 32 or 64 bits. If you want to buy Windows 10 Home, our store offers you the key for activating the software platform and the corresponding link for downloading with just a few clicks.

Buy Windows 10 Home and benefit from countless features

Windows 10 Home is equipped with the helpful voice assistant Cortana, which answers verbally asked questions immediately and willingly. Not only can the weather be asked, but appointments and reminders can also be created via voice. Unlike in previous Windows versions, the updates are cumulative and thus particularly efficient. The operating system is brought up to date with the latest patchday update and no longer needs countless individual updates. As a result, countless reboots are not required. When you buy Windows 10 Home, you get a feature-enhanced Task Manager. While the predecessor versions only displayed the load of programs, the GPU load of the individual applications is now also shown. Furthermore, a detailed representation of the power consumption can be accessed. You can use these features when you buy Windows 10 Home cheaply via our portal.

For gamers a guarantee for performance: Buy Windows 10 Home

The operating system calls a special gaming mode its own, which offers a smoother and better gaming experience. The performance gain is due to the optimized memory management, which was not included in this form in the previous versions of Windows. Games can be streamed live immediately via the Game Bar. The usual programs for music, mail, calendar, photos and videos are of course included. If you want to buy Windows 10 Home, you can buy the key for the activation cheaply from us. You can use the operating system immediately after the download. Then you can use the new browser Edge, which is the successor of Internet Explorer and comes up with some innovations. The software allows you to conveniently attach notes to web pages and lets you copy content more easily across software with the same formatting.

Buy Windows 10 Home and use versatile functions

The operating system has built-in security features, such as firewall and anti-virus software, which makes the additional use of further software unnecessary. The notification assistant lets you block sounds, alerts as well as notifications to avoid being distracted while working. The convenient timeline lets you view the most recently used apps, documents as well as websites quickly and easily. If needed, the computer can be unlocked quickly and securely without a password using your face or fingerprint. If you purchase the versatile and secure operating system through our portal, we will provide you with the key for activation online in the shortest possible time.

System requirements for Microsoft Windows 10 Home

1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster, 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
1 GB RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 32 GB (64-bit)
DirectX 9 or higher with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver
(contact the manufacturer for more detailed information)




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50 reviews

50 reviews for Windows 10 Home

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  1. Nadine Berger (verified owner)

    Super sprawnie poszło, ocena 6.

  2. Jana Novak (verified owner)

    De bestelling verwerking verliep soepel. En de pakketinstallatie zonder enige fouten. Ik ben tevreden. Ik kan het anderen aanbevelen.

  3. Jens Pedersen (verified owner)

    Kod działa bez najmniejszych problemów. Szybko i tanio.

  4. Andrea Conti (verified owner)

    De transactie verliep zeer snel, alles werkt zoals het hoort, ik ben tevreden met de aankoop.

  5. Anna Berger (verified owner)

    Alles is goed, de sleutel werkt.

  6. Felix Meyer (verified owner)

    Livraison immédiate de la clé. La clé fonctionne. C’est déjà un autre achat sans tracas. JE RECOMMANDE.

  7. Omar El-Amin (verified owner)

    Alles werkt, ik ben tevreden met de service en het product!

  8. Francois Lefevre (verified owner)

    Weinig informatie over het product.

  9. Maya Bauer (verified owner)

    Works as it should.

  10. Alicia Silva (verified owner)

    Traitement ultra-rapide. L’e-mail avec la clé contenait des instructions claires. J’ai également reçu la clé par SMS.

  11. Jannik Jensen (verified owner)

    Alles funktioniert, ich bin zufrieden mit dem Service und dem Produkt!

  12. Andreas Wagner (verified owner)

    Klucz otrzymany w kilka minut.

  13. Paula Fernandez (verified owner)

    Perfectly on time without any problems receiving the product after payment.

  14. Benjamin Schmidt (verified owner)

    Fonctionne parfaitement. La clé a été envoyée à mon numéro de téléphone dans les 5 minutes suivant l’achat.

  15. Zara Schmidt (verified owner)

    L’installation s’est déroulée sans problème.

  16. Karim El-Amin (verified owner)


  17. Violeta Petrova (verified owner)

    Alles is geweldig.

  18. Isabelle Martin (verified owner)

    Snel en zonder problemen.

  19. Enzo Rossi (verified owner)


  20. Ingrid Schneider (verified owner)

    Snel, efficiënt, probleemloos 100%, ik raad het aan.

  21. Nathalie Dubois (verified owner)

    Tout s’est très bien passé, j’ai reçu les clés en quelques minutes.

  22. Leonardo Romano (verified owner)

    Alles ist super.

  23. Hendrik Bauer (verified owner)

    Tout fonctionne parfaitement.

  24. Anton Sokolov (verified owner)

    Ik raad het aan. Geen problemen, razendsnelle levering.

  25. Sergei Ivanov (verified owner)

    Schnell, effizient, super.

  26. Jakob Fischer (verified owner)

    Szybko i bez problemów.

  27. Greta Hoffmann (verified owner)

    Le traitement de la commande s’est bien passé. Et l’installation du package sans aucun échec. Je suis satisfait. Je peux le recommander à d’autres.

  28. Bernadette Müller (verified owner)

    Polecam, ekspresowa obsługa i realizacja.

  29. Nele Fischer (verified owner)

    Alles snel, efficiënt en werkt, ik raad het aan.

  30. Manuel Pereira (verified owner)

    Zwei gekauft: Windows 11 Pro und Office 2019. Beide funktionieren, Aktivierung erfolgreich bei sauberer Installation. Also alles ist OK.

  31. Roman Sokolov (verified owner)

    Der erste Schlüssel von zwei gekauften. Schnell und problemlos. Ich empfehle es.

  32. Pierre Martin (verified owner)

    Schnell, effizient, mit allen notwendigen Informationen. Ich empfehle es.

  33. Sarah Schneider (verified owner)

    Everything is fine, the key works.

  34. Ricardo Santos (verified owner)

    Order processing went smoothly. And the package installation without any failures. I am satisfied. I can recommend it to others.

  35. Helga Schmidt (verified owner)

    The key was received in a few minutes.

  36. Daniela Costa (verified owner)

    Razendsnelle verwerking van de bestelling. Geen problemen met de activering met de geleverde sleutel.

  37. Rosa Fernandez (verified owner)

    Błyskawiczna realizacja. Mail z kluczem zawierał jasne instrukcje. Klucz dostałam również SMS-em.

  38. Viktor Sokolov (verified owner)

    Wszystko super. Polecam.

  39. Isabella Weber (verified owner)

    Szybka i sprawna realizacja, wszystko działa jak powinno.

  40. Beatrice Laurent (verified owner)

    Tout comme décrit.

  41. Zbigniew Kowalski (verified owner)

    Ich empfehle es. Keine Probleme, blitzschnelle Lieferung.

  42. Alban Novak (verified owner)

    Alles ist in Ordnung, die Schlüssel funktionieren, ich bin zufrieden. Alle Gespräche per E-Mail, es ist nur schade, dass es keine polnische Telefonnummer gibt, da dies die Kommunikation erleichtern würde.

  43. Luis Santos (verified owner)


  44. Bartosz Kowalski (verified owner)

    Snelle en efficiënte verwerking, alles werkt zoals het hoort.

  45. Gianna Costa (verified owner)

    Funktioniert einwandfrei. Der Schlüssel wurde innerhalb von 5 Minuten nach dem Kauf an meine Telefonnummer gesendet.

  46. Raphael Schuster (verified owner)

    Everything is fine.

  47. Vanessa Weber (verified owner)

    Rapide, peu coûteux et sans tracas.

  48. Stina Lund (verified owner)

    Transakcja przebiegła bardzo szybko, wszystko działa jak należy, jestem zadowolony z zakupu.

  49. Boris Petrov (verified owner)

    Schnell, solide, alles wie beschrieben.

  50. Diana Fernandes (verified owner)

    Schnell, preiswert und problemlos.

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