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Buy Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus and use the most comprehensive suite

In our store you can buy Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus license online cheaply and benefit from several improvements. The Office Suite Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus for Windows represents the most comprehensive software collection of the 2021 editions. In addition to Word 2021, Excel 2021, PowerPoint 2021 and Outlook 2021, the Office suite also includes Publisher 2021 and Access 2021. In particular, the Teams app, which is included instead of Skype for Business, is a special highlight for businesses, the self-employed and freelancers. In combination with OneDrive, created content can be edited excellently in the team. Compared to its predecessor, you can expect numerous optimizations and innovations that significantly simplify work in the office and at home in the home office.

Office 2021 Professional Plus: The included applications

After the Office 2021 Professional Plus download, the well-known and widely used word processor Word will be available to you as the 2021 version. With this software, you can comfortably create texts of any type and scope and design them according to your ideas. If you buy the license for Office 2021 Professional Plus online via our store, you can use Excel 2021 to perform various calculations and visualize the results via diagrams. The collection and evaluation of quarterly figures can be easily accomplished with the software. The Office 2021 Professional Plus Key provides you with the full version of PowerPoint 2021. The software can be used to create impressive presentations and offers quite a few templates for faster work results. After downloading Office 2021 Professional Plus from the server, you can use Outlook 2021 to send, receive, forward, save and archive emails effortlessly. It doesn’t matter whether you only receive a few messages or have to process several hundred e-mails every day. If you buy a product key for Office 2021 Professional Plus at a low price from our store, you can use Publisher 2021 to design publications of any kind. From digital content, such as newsletters, to print products, such as flyers, the software always allows for convenient creation. With the Office 2021 Professional Plus Key, you get the full version of Access 2021, database software that lets you develop applications for the browser and apps for the PC, based on large data sets. You can effortlessly filter data via queries and present it clearly with reports. The digital notebook OneNote allows you to quickly capture information. Microsoft Teams rounds out the Office suite, combining chat, meetings, notes, and attachments in a single product.

For effective collaboration: Buy Office 2021 Professional Plus

One of the special highlights of the Office 2021 Professional Plus version is Microsoft Teams. Businesses in particular appreciate the ability to start a video call with a simple click and share various files in real time via a secure connection. After the Office 2021 Professional Plus download, you can chat with Microsoft Teams, but also make phone calls. Via group rooms, you can split a larger group into smaller video calls and thus organize separate expert discussions. When you buy Office 2021 Professional Plus cheap, team collaboration reaches a new level of productivity.

Office 2021 Professional Plus Key: The key to new features

Among the Office 2021 Professional Plus innovations are the Dynamic Arrays and XLOOKUP functions in Excel 2021. Dynamic Arrays largely replace the so-called matrix or array formulas and represent a significant gain in convenience. With dynamic arrays, you can easily work with multiple values simultaneously in a formula. Among other things, extracting and listing unique values becomes easier. If you buy the license for Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus online via our store, you will benefit from an optimized Dark Mode, which also darkens the text background in Word documents and is easier on the eyes as a result.

System requirements:

Windows 11 or Windows 10 with 1.6 GHz, 2-core processor/

Operating system
Windows 11 or Windows 10 for PC; 

4 GB (64 bit), 2 GB (32 bit) RAM for PC; 4 GB RAM for Mac

Hard disk space
GB of available space for PC, 

1024 × 768 resolution for PC,

DirectX 10 graphics card for use with graphics hardware acceleration for PC





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78 reviews

78 reviews for Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus | for Windows

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  1. Barbara Santos (verified owner)

    Snel, efficiënt, met alle benodigde informatie. Ik raad het aan.

  2. Rene Müller (verified owner)

    Het werkt!

  3. Hugo Pereira (verified owner)

    Alles snel, efficiënt en werkt, ik raad het aan.

  4. Karl Johansson (verified owner)

    Alles is goed. Ik raad het aan.

  5. Vincent Lefevre (verified owner)


  6. Monika Nowak (verified owner)

    After receiving the key, activation happened on the third attempt. I don’t know why, but it worked and works.

  7. Rosa Fernandez (verified owner)

    The Windows 11 Pro key arrived quickly and without problems, the first key activated Windows 10 Pro, and the second upgraded it to 11. Cheap and fast. I recommend it!

  8. Boris Petrov (verified owner)

    De bestelling verwerking verliep soepel. En de pakketinstallatie zonder enige fouten. Ik ben tevreden. Ik kan het anderen aanbevelen.

  9. Miroslav Sokolov (verified owner)

    Tout s’est déroulé super bien, note 6.

  10. Leon Müller (verified owner)


  11. Katarina Petrova (verified owner)

    Błyskawiczna realizacja. Mail z kluczem zawierał jasne instrukcje. Klucz dostałam również SMS-em.

  12. Gabriele Ricci (verified owner)

    Je recommande à 100% 😀.

  13. Angelina Ivanova (verified owner)

    Alles is goed.

  14. Andreas Wagner (verified owner)

    Alles is goed en snel.

  15. Viktor Sokolov (verified owner)

    Szybko, niedrogo i bezproblemowo.

  16. Vladimir Ivanov (verified owner)


  17. Frederic Martin (verified owner)

    De e-mail met de code kwam direct.

  18. Amelie Fischer (verified owner)

    Wszystko ok.

  19. Karim El-Amin (verified owner)

    Schnelle und effiziente Abwicklung, alles funktioniert wie es soll.

  20. Elodie Martin (verified owner)

    The transaction went very quickly, everything works as it should, I am satisfied with the purchase.

  21. Gerard Lefevre (verified owner)

    Tout fonctionne comme il se doit, je le recommande.

  22. Bruno Pereira (verified owner)

    Everything is fine.

  23. Anders Jensen (verified owner)

    Traitement rapide et efficace, tout fonctionne comme il se doit.

  24. Laura Hoffmann (verified owner)

    Der Kauf und die Abwicklung verliefen sehr reibungslos. Der Schlüssel wurde an einem arbeitsfreien Tag gekauft, und ich wartete 10 Minuten darauf. Alles funktioniert. Ich empfehle es.

  25. Johann Bauer (verified owner)

    Snel en efficiënt, het systeem werkt, ik raad het aan.

  26. Marta Kowalska (verified owner)

    Ça marche!

  27. Alexis Martins (verified owner)

    Tout est bien, la clé fonctionne.

  28. Konstantin Ivanov (verified owner)

    Alles ist in Ordnung und schnell.

  29. Nadia Petrova (verified owner)

    A very good solution.

  30. Stefano Ricci (verified owner)

    Generally, after making the transfer, I received the key almost immediately. The key also works 🙂

  31. Niklas Müller (verified owner)

    Alles zoals beschreven.

  32. Beatrice Laurent (verified owner)

    Wszystko super.

  33. Kristian Hansen (verified owner)

    De code werkt zonder de minste problemen. Snel en goedkoop.

  34. Carla Moreira (verified owner)

    Très bien, rapide et précis.

  35. Vojtech Novak (verified owner)

    Purchased two: Windows 11 Pro and Office 2019. Both work, activation successful with a clean installation. So everything is OK.

  36. Michelle Dupont (verified owner)

    Ich empfehle es. Keine Probleme, blitzschnelle Lieferung.

  37. Claudia Russo (verified owner)

    Everything is fine. I recommend it.

  38. Miriam Weber (verified owner)

    Wszystko działa. Polecam.

  39. Ilona Nowak (verified owner)

    Polecam. Brak problemów, przesyłka błyskawiczna.

  40. Catherine Dubois (verified owner)

    Fast and hassle-free. The code received right after payment.

  41. Luca Ferrari (verified owner)

    Die E-Mail mit dem Code kam sofort.

  42. Nathalie Dubois (verified owner)

    Fonctionne comme il se doit.

  43. Fiona O’Sullivan (verified owner)

    Solide, snelle levering en professionele service.

  44. Pjotr Ivanov (verified owner)

    L’e-mail avec le code est arrivé immédiatement.

  45. Yulia Ivanova (verified owner)

    Tout va bien, les clés fonctionnent, je suis satisfait. Toutes les conversations par e-mail, c’est juste dommage qu’il n’y ait pas de numéro de téléphone polonais, car cela faciliterait la communication.

  46. Stina Lund (verified owner)

    Błyskawiczna realizacja zamówienia. Żadnych problemów z aktywacją przy pomocy przesłanego klucza.

  47. Isabella Weber (verified owner)

    Snelle en efficiënte verwerking, alles werkt zoals het hoort.

  48. Nadine Berger (verified owner)

    I recommend it. No problems, lightning-fast delivery.

  49. Jessica Hoffmann (verified owner)

    Wszystko działa idealnie.

  50. Pauline Dupont (verified owner)

    Après avoir reçu la clé, l’activation a eu lieu à la troisième tentative. Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais cela a fonctionné et fonctionne.

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