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Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Key – ideal for businesses

You can buy Microsoft Office 2021 Professional online through our store. It is worth taking a look at the scope of the feature-rich office suite. The office suite Microsoft Office 2021 Professional for Windows is aimed at companies, freelancers, self-employed and demanding private users who want to master the office tasks with the software solutions Word 2021, Excel 2021, PowerPoint 2021, Outlook 2021, Publisher 2021, Access 2021 and OneNote. Besides texts, spreadsheets, presentations and publications, you can even create complete database applications after downloading Microsoft Office 2021 from the server. The latest Office package comes with numerous optimizations and improvements. It is not only about adjustments to the menu bar, which lead to an even more intuitive usability of the software. The revised Dark Mode now also includes the background of a text in Word and thus presents the content even more eye-friendly.

Office 2021 Professional: The included Office programs

If you buy the license for Office 2021 Professional cheaply via our store, you can create any text with Word 2021 and format it down to the smallest detail. This is not only about adjusting the typeface, but also about enhancing the document with images and appealing text effects. With Office 2021 Professional Key, you’ll have the spreadsheet program Excel 2021 at your disposal, with which you can perform various calculations. With different functions, such as the if-then function, you can evaluate the information contained in the tables. After the Office 2021 Professional download from the server, PowerPoint 2021 is the right software solution when it comes to creating impressive presentations. You can convey various topics in an understandable way via digital slides that can be designed in a variety of ways. Whether in the office or at home, Outlook 2021 lets you send, receive, forward and archive emails quickly and easily. You’ll also be able to manage contacts, calendars and tasks. These features can be used to organize meetings or even establish a room booking program. When you buy a license for Office 2021 Professional online through our store, you can use Publisher 2021 to create professional print products and digital media. Whether brochure, flyer or catalog, the templates simplify the start and let you show first work results within shortest time. Access 2021 database software lets you create apps for the PC as well as apps for the browser, simplifying the processing of large data sets. OneNote lets you take notes quickly and easily.

Buy Microsoft Office 2021 Professional online and save time

With the Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Key you get the key to efficient, time-saving and goal-oriented work. The applications allow you to optimize business processes with automations. For example, customer data can be managed using Access 2021 and then used to create a form letter using Word 2021. It is also possible to contact individual customers by e-mail from a created database application via Outlook 2021. In this case, manual typing of an e-mail address is unnecessary, since the individual software solutions can communicate comprehensively with each other in different ways. Partly for this reason, Microsoft Office 2021 Professional download from the server means a productivity gain.

For new possibilities: Buy Microsoft Office 2021 Professional online

One of the Office 2021 Professional innovations is the ink editor, with which individual text sections can be conveniently marked and highlighted with a pen or finger on a touchscreen device. If you buy the key for Office 2021 Professional at a low price in our store, the new functions Dynamic Arrays and XLOOKUP are available in Excel 2021, which make the processing of data more comfortable. The Application Guard, which can also be found in Office 365, allows you to view, print and save Office files in a secure container environment. This effectively protects against malware.

Guaranteed fast delivery!

If the item is out of stock for a short period of time, we will provide you with a higher quality version to deliver as soon as possible!
This gives you the following advantages:

Compliance with the delivery time
Additional application programs for the same price
Higher version without additional costs


Do you already have the product installed and just want to activate it? Attention: The activation key must match the installation file! There are different versions of the software, so you may need to reinstall and activate the program with our version. If you have any unanswered questions, please contact us to avoid complications.

System requirements:

Windows 11 or Windows 10 with 1.6 GHz, 2-core processor/current macOS

Operating system
Windows 11 or Windows 10 for PC; Mac OS for Mac

4 GB (64 bit), 2 GB (32 bit) RAM for PC; 4 GB RAM for Mac

Hard disk space
GB of available space for PC; 10 GB for Mac

Resolution: 1024 × 768 for PC, 1280 × 800 for Mac

DirectX 10 graphics card for use with graphics hardware acceleration for PC




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51 reviews for Microsoft Office 2021 Professional | for Windows

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  1. Beatrice Laurent (verified owner)

    Alles funktioniert sehr gut. Danke! 🙂

  2. Jan Kowalski (verified owner)

    L’e-mail avec le code est arrivé immédiatement.

  3. Sven Johansson (verified owner)

    Acheté deux : Windows 11 Pro et Office 2019. Les deux fonctionnent, activation réussie avec une installation propre. Donc tout va bien.

  4. Lina Schneider (verified owner)

    Rapide et sans tracas. Le code reçu juste après le paiement.

  5. Hans Johansson (verified owner)

    Everything works. I recommend it.

  6. Dominic Weber (verified owner)

    Błyskawiczna realizacja zamówienia. Żadnych problemów z aktywacją przy pomocy przesłanego klucza.

  7. Pierre Martin (verified owner)

    Little information about the product.

  8. Katerina Papadopoulos (verified owner)

    Solide, schnelle Lieferung und professionelle Bedienung.

  9. Rosalie Weber (verified owner)

    La transaction s’est déroulée très rapidement, tout fonctionne comme il se doit, je suis satisfait de l’achat.

  10. Katarina Petrova (verified owner)

    Tout fonctionne comme il se doit, je le recommande.

  11. Hélène Laurent (verified owner)


  12. Max Müller (verified owner)

    Very good, fast, and precise.

  13. Konstantin Ivanov (verified owner)

    Na ontvangst van de sleutel gebeurde de activering bij de derde poging. Ik weet niet waarom, maar het werkte en werkt.

  14. Wendy Schmidt (verified owner)

    Snel en zonder problemen.

  15. Francesco Romano (verified owner)

    Tout est bien et rapide.

  16. Miriam Weber (verified owner)


  17. Andrea Conti (verified owner)

    Alles funktioniert perfekt.

  18. Karim El-Amin (verified owner)

    Alles schnell, effizient und funktioniert, ich empfehle es.

  19. Michael Schuster (verified owner)

    Livraison rapide et service professionnel.

  20. Olivia Weber (verified owner)

    Alles verlief sehr reibungslos, ich habe die Schlüssel in ein paar Minuten bekommen.

  21. Jana Novak (verified owner)

    Traitement de commande ultra-rapide. Aucun problème avec l’activation en utilisant la clé fournie.

  22. Daniela Costa (verified owner)

    Fast, efficient, super.

  23. Anja Madsen (verified owner)

    Ik raad het aan. Geen problemen, razendsnelle levering.

  24. Sebastian Bauer (verified owner)

    Schnell, klar erklärt, mit Rechnung.

  25. Barbara Santos (verified owner)

    It works!

  26. Mia Schneider (verified owner)

    Geweldig, alles werkt.

  27. Lucie Dupont (verified owner)

    Everything is okay, the keys work, I am satisfied. All conversations via email, it’s just a pity that there is no Polish phone number, because it would facilitate communication.

  28. Patricia Martin (verified owner)

    Generally, after making the transfer, I received the key almost immediately. The key also works 🙂

  29. Anton Sokolov (verified owner)

    Alles verliep heel soepel, ik kreeg de sleutels binnen een paar minuten.

  30. Jasmine Müller (verified owner)

    Tout s’est très bien passé, j’ai reçu les clés en quelques minutes.

  31. Anna Berger (verified owner)

    Schnelle und effiziente Abwicklung, alles funktioniert wie es soll.

  32. Elodie Martin (verified owner)

    Alles wie beschrieben.

  33. Oscar Schmidt (verified owner)

    De e-mail met de code kwam direct.

  34. Carla Moreira (verified owner)

    Es funktioniert!

  35. Enzo Rossi (verified owner)

    Ich empfehle es. Keine Probleme, blitzschnelle Lieferung.

  36. Victoria Weber (verified owner)

    Super sprawnie poszło, ocena 6.

  37. Jessica Hoffmann (verified owner)

    Szybko, sprawnie, z wszelkimi potrzebnymi informacjami. Polecam.

  38. Camille Martin (verified owner)

    Klucz do Windowsa 11 Pro przyszedł szybko i bez problemów, pierwszy klucz aktywował Windowsa 10 Pro, a drugi go ulepszył do 11. Tanio i szybko. Polecam!

  39. Catherine Dubois (verified owner)

    Polecam, ekspresowa obsługa i realizacja.

  40. Emil Johansson (verified owner)

    Fonctionne parfaitement. La clé a été envoyée à mon numéro de téléphone dans les 5 minutes suivant l’achat.

  41. Sophie Schmidt (verified owner)

    Werkt vlekkeloos. De sleutel werd binnen 5 minuten na aankoop naar mijn telefoonnummer gestuurd.

  42. Veronika Nowak (verified owner)

    Sehr gut, schnell und präzise.

  43. Ilona Nowak (verified owner)

    Blitzschnelle Abwicklung. Die E-Mail mit dem Schlüssel enthielt klare Anweisungen. Ich habe den Schlüssel auch per SMS erhalten.

  44. Hugo Pereira (verified owner)

    Klucz otrzymany w kilka minut.

  45. Eva Schmidt (verified owner)

    Realizacja zamówienia przebiegła pomyślnie. A instalacja pakietu bez jakichkolwiek niepowodzeń. Jestem zadowolona. Mogę polecić innym.

  46. Josephine Fischer (verified owner)

    Everything as described.

  47. Leon Müller (verified owner)

    Fast, efficient, hassle-free 100%, I recommend it.

  48. Tarek El-Amin (verified owner)

    Fast and without problems.

  49. Benedikt Braun (verified owner)

    Schnell, effizient, mit allen notwendigen Informationen. Ich empfehle es.

  50. Theresa Fischer (verified owner)

    Alles zoals beschreven.

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