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Buy Microsoft Excel 2019 for quick and easy spreadsheet creation

No program for creating spreadsheets is as well-known as Microsoft Excel 2019, which you can buy cheaply online as a standalone application. The clever office tool from Microsoft not only offers a clear and appealing design, but also facilitates the work of creating invoices and inventory lists. Especially if you want to clearly display different data sets, you should buy Microsoft Excel 2019. With it, different charts can be prepared vividly for presentations and lectures, so that the virtual presentation with the Microsoft Office tool will always be a success. Whether stock levels in the warehouse, the development of quarterly figures or the development of your own customer base, Excel 2019 can be used in many ways for companies and businesses. But you can also buy Microsoft Excel 2019 to display personnel figures, sales figures or growth rates.

Affordable and efficient: Microsoft Office Excel 2019 with numerous features

Microsoft Office Excel 2019 requires at least Windows 10 as an operating system, so that all application areas can be used smoothly with the PC or notebook. New features such as map or funnel charts make the program a real asset in the office and with the new link function, all created files can be easily shared. Additionally, you can buy Microsoft Excel 2019 if you want to use freehand effects. But creative minds can also buy this Windows tool to be able to use digital pens or freehand formulas. What is particularly appealing about this sophisticated Microsoft Office product is the accuracy in selecting individual cells, as unnecessary cell elements can be deactivated with just a few clicks.

Buy Microsoft Excel 2019 with the product key and install it easily

The installation no longer requires a classic CD-Rom or DVD-Rom, as the program can simply be downloaded. After the download, Windows users can conveniently activate the software with the purchased product key and start working on the computer right away. The office tool can also overcome language barriers from now on, as the program has an integrated translator that is equipped with numerous languages. Users can purchase Microsoft Excel 2019 to prevent possible data loss, as the program has Intelligent Data Loss Protection. Thus, even unsaved files can be recovered and can still be saved in case of a power failure. Not only can Excel 2019 be purchased for a better user experience, in addition, the program offers new and improved Connectors for every user.

System requirements for Microsoft Excel 2019

1.6 gigahertz (GHz) or faster, 32-bit (x86) – or 64-bit (x64)
Operating Systems:
Windows 10, Windows Server 2019 (other Windows versions are not supported)
at least 2GB RAM
Hard drive space:
at least 4GB of available space
at least 1024 * 768 pixels
current versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge
.NET version:.
NET version 3.5 or higher
(for more detailed information please contact the manufacturer)


Do you already have the product installed and just want to activate it? Attention: The activation key must match the installation file! There are different versions of the software, so it may be necessary to reinstall and activate the program with our version. If you still have questions, please contact us to avoid complications.




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44 reviews for Microsoft Excel 2019 | for Windows

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  1. Clementine Lambert (verified owner)

    Der Code funktioniert ohne die geringsten Probleme. Schnell und billig.

  2. Emil Johansson (verified owner)

    Livraison immédiate de la clé. La clé fonctionne. C’est déjà un autre achat sans tracas. JE RECOMMANDE.

  3. Yara Weber (verified owner)

    Perfect op tijd zonder problemen het product ontvangen na betaling.

  4. Milan Novak (verified owner)

    Geweldig, alles werkt.

  5. Angelina Ivanova (verified owner)

    De eerste sleutel van twee gekocht. Snel en probleemloos. Ik raad het aan.

  6. Caroline Bauer (verified owner)

    Instant key delivery. The key works. This is already another hassle-free purchase. I RECOMMEND.

  7. Georgina Braun (verified owner)

    Alles schnell, effizient und funktioniert, ich empfehle es.

  8. Matilda Fischer (verified owner)

    Super sprawnie poszło, ocena 6.

  9. Rene Müller (verified owner)

    Werkt zoals het hoort.

  10. Karolina Nowak (verified owner)

    Generally, after making the transfer, I received the key almost immediately. The key also works 🙂

  11. Andrea Conti (verified owner)


  12. Richard Schmidt (verified owner)

    Generalnie po dokonaniu przelewu praktycznie natychmiast otrzymałem klucz. Klucz również działa 🙂

  13. Vanessa Weber (verified owner)

    Solidna szybka dostawa fachowa obsługa.

  14. Vera Schmidt (verified owner)

    Alles ist in Ordnung, der Schlüssel funktioniert.

  15. Maya Bauer (verified owner)

    Sofortige Schlüsselübergabe. Der Schlüssel funktioniert. Dies ist bereits ein weiterer problemloser Kauf. ICH EMPFEHLE ES.

  16. Bartosz Kowalski (verified owner)

    Działa bez zarzutu. Klucz przyszedł na nr telefonu do 5 min po zakupie.

  17. Patrik Novak (verified owner)

    Solide, schnelle Lieferung und professionelle Bedienung.

  18. Miriam Weber (verified owner)

    Tout s’est très bien passé, j’ai reçu les clés en quelques minutes.

  19. Emilie Dupuis (verified owner)

    Alles funktioniert. Ich empfehle es.

  20. Gabriel Schneider (verified owner)

    Everything as described.

  21. George Davies (verified owner)

    Eine sehr gute Lösung.

  22. Jan Kowalski (verified owner)

    Szybko, sprawnie, super.

  23. Hélène Laurent (verified owner)

    The Windows 11 Pro key arrived quickly and without problems, the first key activated Windows 10 Pro, and the second upgraded it to 11. Cheap and fast. I recommend it!

  24. Jannik Jensen (verified owner)

    Kod działa bez najmniejszych problemów. Szybko i tanio.

  25. Anton Sokolov (verified owner)

    Schnell, effizient, mit allen notwendigen Informationen. Ich empfehle es.

  26. Sergei Ivanov (verified owner)

    Works as it should.

  27. Jasmine Müller (verified owner)

    Weinig informatie over het product.

  28. Yves Lefevre (verified owner)

    Une très bonne solution.

  29. Benjamin Schmidt (verified owner)

    Je recommande à 100% 😀.

  30. Stina Lund (verified owner)


  31. Felix Meyer (verified owner)

    Tout est super. Je le recommande.

  32. Dominika Kowalska (verified owner)

    Wszystko OK. Polecam.

  33. Katrin Meyer (verified owner)

    Nach Erhalt des Schlüssels erfolgte die Aktivierung beim dritten Versuch. Ich weiß nicht warum, aber es hat funktioniert und funktioniert.

  34. Marc Dubois (verified owner)

    Schnell, preiswert und problemlos.

  35. Sabrina Schmidt (verified owner)

    Everything works. I recommend it.

  36. Astrid Nielsen (verified owner)

    Polecam, ekspresowa obsługa i realizacja.

  37. Claudia Russo (verified owner)

    Funktioniert einwandfrei. Der Schlüssel wurde innerhalb von 5 Minuten nach dem Kauf an meine Telefonnummer gesendet.

  38. Vojtech Novak (verified owner)

    Mało informacji na temat produktu.

  39. Hans Johansson (verified owner)

    Alles is goed. Ik raad het aan.

  40. Miguel Silva (verified owner)

    Idealnie na czas bez problemów z otrzymaniem produktu po wpłacie.

  41. Ruben de Jong (verified owner)

    Alles is geweldig. Ik raad het aan.

  42. Anne Keller (verified owner)

    Alles ist in Ordnung und schnell.

  43. Alessia Bianchi (verified owner)

    Snel, efficiënt, met alle benodigde informatie. Ik raad het aan.

  44. Charlotte Schmidt (verified owner)

    Lightning-fast processing. The email with the key contained clear instructions. I also received the key via SMS.

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